Tonight, the ALA is delivering a letter to the ITID Board of Supervisors concerning supervisor misconduct and misuse of public funds. In order to distract from those issues, it will be said that the ALA is playing politics during an election. That is untrue. The issue is HOW something was handled, not WHAT was handled. The ALA is not questioning the eligibility of any candidate. That is not the issue. ITID attorneys are not on retainer. They bill on an hourly basis. The attorney in this issue billed ITID over $300,000 last year. The ALA is concerned that the bill reflects time used on issues that were not authorized by votes of the BOS and therefore a waste of tax dollars. When an ITID supervisor flagrantly posts communication between herself and an ITID attorney on a Facebook page and further states she is directing staff to take actions that were not authorized by the ITID board, the ALA needs to bring the matter before the entire ITID board and have them address the issues of unauthorized use of attorney time and directing staff to take actions without the knowledge and consent of the board.

    September 12, 2016
    Madame President,
    The ALA is concerned that proper procedures have not been followed resulting in abuse of power and misuse of taxpayer money for the benefit of resident and ITID candidate Steve Roberts, in the form of free legal advice from ITID attorney Mary Viator, as solicited and directed by Supervisor Damone. The ALA is also concerned that Supervisor Damone is directing and interfering with staff procedure without the knowledge and consent of the entire BOS I have enclosed information taken from Facebook posts as well as information received as a result of ITID record requests to form a timeline for the inappropriate behavior.

    June 24th at noon was the deadline for candidates of elected positions in Palm Beach County to register for the election.

    On July 26th, Steve Roberts posted on Facebook, “ In accordance to FS106.11 and the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections office, I submitted all of my qualification papers including my candidates oath and have met the residential requirements to be a fully qualified candidate for ITID, Seat 2.”

    This is a copy of communication from Supervisor Damone to Mary Viator as per my records request – note the date of July 27th at 9:14 AM:
    From: Michelle Damone (mailto:mdamone70@aol.coml Sent: Wednesday, July 27,2016 9:14 AM To: Mary M Viator Subject: Qualifications Mary- Please see below. You can rent or own correct to run?

    This is a copy of a reply from Mary to Supervisor Damone as per my records request – note the date is also July 27th at 8:10PM
    From: Mary M Viator Date: July 27,2016 at 8:10:23 PM EDT To: Michelle Damone Subject: RE: Qualifications Michelle, you inquired as to whether a resident who is landowner's spouse may qualify for office of District Supervisor. A resident who is a landowner's spouse may qualify for office of District Supervisor as long as he or she resides within the boundaries of an activated unit of the District at the time of qualification and maintains such residency throughout the term of office. The resident must also be at least 18 years of age, an American citizen and a registered voter. Mary M. Viator, Esquire

    Although that is all I received from my records request about their communication on July 27th, there must have been additional conversations since Supervisor Damone only asked about “You can rent or own to run” and yet Mary’s email clearly states,” Michelle, you inquired as to whether a resident who is landowner's spouse may qualify for office of District Supervisor”.

    Twenty-five minutes later on his same post as before, Steve Roberts wrote, “I appreciate everyone’s patience and support on the inquiry of my qualifications to seek office as an ITID Supervisor. Ms. Miller submitted a snapshot of language that was confusing to myself. I understand her concerns. I reached out to a representative of ITID and it’s been confirmed that I am a fully qualified candidate under current election requirements of the district. My understanding is that ITID will be updating their website with revisions to the language that should be clear to all and I will be moving forward with my campaign.”

    In August, almost a month after the incident, Supervisor Damone was still corresponding and directing Mary and Jim without any mention of the issue to the other supervisors at the August general meeting:
    From: Michelle Damone Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2016 9:20 PM To: Mary M Viator Cc: Jim Shallman Subject: Fwd: Qualifications Jim- While you are way, the qualifications of a person to become a candidate for ITID were question based off erroneous information on our web site. I asked Mary to review it as I was a BOS at the time that we changed the process to a Popular Election. Please work with Mary and staff to update the web site. This subject and may others need to be corrected. Much of the information is from 2012/2013. Sincerely- Michelle Damone

    And 12 minutes later:
    From: Michelle Damone Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2016 9:32 PM To: Mary M Viator Cc: Jim Shallman Subject: ITID Candidate Qualifications Attachments: IMG_5007.PNG; ATT00001.txt Mary- Please be prepared as I do not see this issue going away. Thank you!

    While the ALA appreciates that ITID supervisors attempt to help the residents of their district in matters that are within their purview, these actions clearly cross the line. ITID supervisors are not authorized to seek legal advice for individuals. Since Mr. Roberts had been qualified by the county to seek ITID office, it was not the business of an ITID supervisor to reassure him of his eligibility to the extent that legal counsel was sought.

    The ALA is concerned about two issues in this case:
    1. that taxpayer money was spent for legal advice for an individual that was not authorized by a vote of the board
    2. that directives were being given to staff without the knowledge and consent of the board

    The remedies that the ALA are seeking:
    1. That Supervisor Damone remit to the District any costs associated with attorney research, time, etc. associated with this matter
    2. That Supervisor Damone be reminded that supervisor authority stems from action taken by the entire BOS, not action taken by an individual BOS.

    Lillian Hall
    President ALA

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